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Our Mission & Our Values

AJURES aims to promote and implement restorative justice processes such as criminal mediation. We consider that people facing an offense are able to manage the personal consequences of their conflicts by themselves if they are accompanied by competent people in an appropriate setting. We want to give them the opportunity to express themselves and the opportunity to repair the harm suffered and restore the victims’ lives.

  • Promote complementary justice to criminal justice that meets the parties’ needs.
  • Place the human at the center, giving both the victim and the perpetrator the opportunity to have an active role in resolving the conflict.
  • Allow the victim and the perpetrator to reclaim their conflict.
  • Encourage reparations processes to restore social peace.

The Committee

Camille Perrier Depeursinge


Doctor of Law, lawyer in Lausanne and Professor of Criminal Law and amicable methods of conflict resolution in criminal matters at the University of Lausanne, author of a thesis on mediation in Swiss criminal law.

Emmanuelle Granzotti

Committee Member

Licensed (FSP) psychotherapist and psychologist in Geneva, specialized in the follow-up of people who have committed or been the victims of an infraction.

Jean-Marc Knobel

Vice President

WSF Generalist and Penal Mediator in the canton of Vaud.

Instructor of conflict management and mediation.


Gérard Demierre

Committee Member

Licensed (FSM-ASMF) Mediator specializing in ordinary juvenile and criminal justice contexts, as well as in family disputes (Canton of Fribourg), involved in mediation training for the CIDE, GPM, and Continuing Education at the University of Fribourg .

André Kuhn

Committee Member

Professor of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminology and amicable methods of conflict resolution in criminal matters, Center for Research in Criminology, University of Neuchâtel

Géraldine Bugnon

Committee Member

Doctor of Sociology, Center for Research in Criminology, University of Neuchâtel.

François Kohler

Committee Member

Born in Couvet (Switzerland). After obtaining a degree in law from the University of Neuchâtel, François Kohler pursued film studies at INSAS (National Institute of Performing Arts and Broadcasting Techniques) in Brussels. He has directed, produced, and co-produced cinema and television films, among them LE SOUFFLE DU DESERT (2005) and CHER MONSIEUR, CHER PAPA (2008), both released in international competition at the Visions du Réel Festival in Nyon.

Annette Wicht

Committee Member

Ecumenical chaplaincy of prisons since 2014
Bois-Mermet in Lausanne
Chaplaincy Foundation Levant Lausanne
Previous commitments in the Church:

Chaplaincy at La Tuilière prison in Lonay

Social and street chaplaincy Youth Formula Fribourg
Pastoral Officer Movement at the Revision de Vie Fribourg
Pastoral worker UP Saint Claire FR, Marly and surrounding area
Pastoral Worker Movement MADEP Fribourg


AJURES statutes are available here: Open document

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